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knowing what's behind you 

I am Dominique
A simple woman traveling solo

I am far away from being a brave person, nor am I a crazy woman as some like to claim. I am actually just another human being, a shy one at that, with a particular liking for writing and photography, and enjoying the experience and growth I gain from challenging myself, my limits, my understanding, my believes and opinions through traveling and connecting with people around the world and through learning new skills, may they be out of personal interest or to comply with professional requirement.

Unfortunately, for years, like many of us, I got somewhat caught into life “as we know it”, letting professional life define me a little too much, allowing what is important for me to wait a little too often: to wait for the right person to share them with, to wait for the promotions to finance them, then to wait for the time off necessary to make them concrete and real.  In other words, a bucketful of excuses behind which hid fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of taking a different path, fear of facing some realities.

As I am now out of that lethargy and hitting the road again, closed (read: biased) friends suggested I create a public place to post my pictures, stories, and the recount of my adventures, in some ways, challenging me to put my shy self out there.  

But hey, how can I say no to a new challenge?  

So here I am, sitting in the family room of a guest house in Varanasi (India), taking up upon the challenge put forth before me.

Next destination: India

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