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Category: Short-Stories

Through short stories from around the world, in a story-telling fashion, this is a tribute to these simple moments I’ve experienced and about you, the people I have met around the world.

This is about these small and simple moments we sometime give no importance to or banalized under the label of quotidian. It’s about these moments that made me smile, or made me laugh. It’s about these moments shared with you, or experienced alone. It’s about these simple moments when we are reminded of how beautiful life is.

This is also about you, the people who’ve crossed my path and somehow, somewhen, have touched my life, may it be through an exchanged smile, or a conversation and maybe you won’t even remember me, maybe you have not even noticed me and yet, you have caught my attention and somehow you have triggered something in me.

And in many ways, this is also about me, a small window giving onto the gardens of my life, a place where stories and memory forever bloom.